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From all of the entries, one team from each of the countries participating in Project Arduino - the UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Canada, China (Mainland & Hong Kong) and Singapore; was chosen to represent their country before they faced the public vote. The top three teams with the most votes progressed to the next stage, where a neutral jury of selected Thales employees decided which team should be crowned global winners of Project Arduino 2017/18.

Furthermore, Girls on the Move have awarded a Go Pro Hero Session to a stand-out Country finalist team that has at least one female team member.

And the winners areā€¦

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Winner announcement Video

winning team video

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Global Winner

Team GeoEncryptor From Netherlands

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Girls on the move winner

Team SpySea from Australia

team netherlands

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The quality of the projects this year was outstanding, and it was a very close call with the other finalists, but the scores are in - Huge congratulations to Team GeoEncryptor from the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands for this achievement! Team GeoEncryptor deserve the title of Project Arduino 2017/2018 Champions as they targeted one of our core businesses, cybersecurity, therefore demonstrating their research and knowledge on Thales and in this particular area. They developed a way of securing communications in the naval domain by using an encryption code with accurate GPS location, integrating it with a static key (encrypted messages) to make a dynamic key, therefore making it much harder for intruders to break the code and read the messages. We were particularly impressed by the maturity of the idea and how they presented this in a clear and engaging way through their video, adding some humour into what is a very complex topic. Well done!

Girls on the Move is very proud to support Project Arduino. Diversity in teams is beneficial for everyone, which is why we need to promote more women in STEM and engineering careers, and to highlight the success of women, in order to open doors for others. We have chosen Team SpySea from Australia as winners of the Girls on the Move Prize, for their original and creative project! Congratulations to you and we wish you all the best for your future.