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We’re Thales – an engineering and technology business that absolutely loves the confoundingly complex. Which is why we developed Project Arduino – a challenge that allowed students to get their hands on an Arduino kit and show us what they could do with it.

This year teams from China, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Singapore, France, USA and the UK will compete to become the Global Arduino Champion. In October/November we will be running workshops at universities in these countries. The challenge is to build something amazing and film the progress of the project. It has to tie in with the Thales business areas – Aerospace, Space, Transportation, Defence and Security – but more importantly, it has to wow our judges.

Registration for the workshops will open in September, watch this space.

Take a look at our previous winners’ video here!

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Team Trigger Cats

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Congratulations to the CalTech team, Trigger Cats, for winning the 2015/16 Thales Arduino competition. Team Trigger Cats are a team well deserving of the championship title, as they skillfully applied their knowledge gained from Thales employees and university studies to design and develop a system aimed to prevent combat vehicles in combat zones from suddenly rolling or flipping due to sudden external forces. As safety is rooted into all our products and solutions at Thales, their stabilization system has a natural connection within our defense businesses. We were also impressed by how they linked their product with the civilian market too.