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The story so far.

We’re Thales – an engineering and technology business that absolutely loves the confoundingly complex. Which is why we developed Project Arduino – a workshop designed to show students just what an Arduino can do, and allow them to get their hands on it.

So far, we’ve taken our workshops to students across the world. After our engineers showed attendees the Arduino ropes, we posed a positively perplexing challenge; build something amazing and film your progress. It had to tie in with the Thales business areas – Aerospace, Space, Transportation, Defence and Security – but more importantly, it had to wow our judges.

After some hard-fought technological battles, we now have our country winners… now is the time when you help decide the Global winner.

Simply watch the videos below, and vote for your favourite. Not only will you help crown the champion of Project Arduino, you’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win a smart watch.

As Project Arduino sponsors, and to promote diversity in technology, ‘Girls on the Move’ will award a special prize to one of the Country finalist teams that have at least one female team member. Click here to find out more about Girls on the Move

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Next Step

Vote for your favourite team

Team Skyfall

France - Team Skyfall

Click here to watch video

Team Australia

Australia – Team SpySea

Click here to watch video

Team Geo Encryptor

Netherlands - Team Geo Encryptor

Click here to watch video

Team Aircraft Marshaller

China & Hong Kong – Team Aircraft Marshaller

Click here to watch video

Team Measure Inc.

Portugal - Team Measure Inc.

Click here to watch video

Team Mesh Detect

USA - Team Mesh Detect

Click here to watch video

Team Marshall

Canada - Team Marshall

Click here to watch video

Team Kiasu

Singapore - Team Kiasu

Click here to watch video

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